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Mester can´t wait to meet you! Apply now and experience all that Salamanca has to offer!


Our innovative and qualified staff make learning Spanish both in and out of the classroom easy and exciting!

Sociocultural Activities

The daily cultural activities and weekend excursions will take you beyond a tourist’s perspective…


Salamanca´s historical university and thriving student life create the ideal study abroad environment.

Study Abroad in Salamanca!

Spain is a country rich in linguistic and cultural diversity, and at Mester, we believe this makes studying in Spain a very rewarding experience.

We are dedicated to giving every one of our yearly 5,000 students a positive and memorable experience.

Global Health Sciences Study Abroad Program!

GlobalHealthCome join us to spend the month of July 2015 in Spain! Improve your Spanish, expand your global health knowledge, and receive university credit!
The program is an excellent way to gain a global perspective on your current health science major. Salamanca, home to a large, prestigious University, allows students access to a number of internship opportunities at local hospitals, clinics, and research labs.

Student & Faculty Testimonials

  • Michael Easthope, Utah Valley University

    “Attending Mester was one of my most cherished experiences. More valuable than
    its full immersion into Spanish culture and language are the lifelong friendships you’ll leave with from students all around the world. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a truly life changing experience!”

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  • Kristin Bond, Cairn University

    “My experience at Mester was so much more than just learning Spanish. The teachers and staff always went above and beyond to help with any question, any doubt, and any need inside or outside of the classroom. The teachers not only teach well, they truly care about their students. Mester offered so much outside of the classroom as well, so while learning Spanish, I also fell in love with Salamanca, Spain and Spanish culture – and had fun doing it! I received an excellent education and made life-long friends from all over the world. I am so thankful for my time there and I truly wish I could do it all over again!”

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  • Teresa O´Brien, University of Massachusetts, Amherst

    “Mester exceeded my expectations in every way. I was lucky enough to spend a full academic year here, studying Spanish and enjoying the amazing, historical city of Salamanca! Mester did a great job incorporating it´s students into the city´s lifestyle and customs, proving their experience with catering to foreign students and truly making moving to a new country feel easy.”

    “The supportive and interested teachers, along with small class sizes made for a personalized education like I had never experienced before. Teachers succeeded in bringing students out of their shells, encouraged communication, and facilitated interesting conversation between peers of all ages from countries all over the world! This experience opened my eyes to cultural perspectives and inspired interests I never knew I had.”

    “I am so grateful for the friendships I’ve made with both my Spanish roommates and international classmates. I will be sad to leave Spain, but after my Mester experience I feel confident to take on future challenges using both language and life skills acquired here! ¡Gracias a Mester por todo!”

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  • Benay W. Stein, Assistant Professor of Instruction, Spanish, Northwestern University.

    “In Summer 2013, I attended the Mester program, ‘Training for Teachers’. Mester offers a very professional, high level and challenging program for Spanish language educators. The technology class, presented by visiting Prof. Robert J. Blake (UCDavis), as well as the methodology, language and culture courses taught by Mester instructors were extremely beneficial. Mester in Salamanca offers an excellent opportunity for professional development.”

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