Here at Mester, we have been receiving students from all over the world since 1991. Our system of teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language reflects the European System of language proficiency, marked by the following levels; A1-C2. Intensive language courses are our primary focus, and in addition we offer a variety of elective courses and specialized programs.

At Mester, with small class sizes, each individual student´s interests, goals, cultural backgrounds and personal experiences play a part in developing custom-made courses. Our professional teachers bridge the gaps between our diverse student population, encouraging not only communication in Spanish, as the one common language, but also inspiring interesting intellectual conversation.

American students may…

1. Partake individually in our intensive language classes for University Credit
2. Attend one of our prearranged Study Abroad Programs to earn University Credit
3. Speak with their professors to arrange a Faculty-led group program

Programs for Spanish-Language Teachers…

1. Curso Superior para Profesores de Español
2. El Uso de la Tecnología y Cultura en El Aula
3. Enseñar Español a Través del iPad