Programs for Spanish Teachers

These programs are designed for Spanish Language & Culture teachers, with an important focus on:

  • Formación para profesores: Didactics and methodology for teaching Spanish as a Second Language.
  • Usos de Tecnología: Technological resources for teaching Spanish language.
  • Cultura Española: Spanish culture as a way to understand the language.

***We recommend that you bring a laptop or tablet. However, it is possible to rent a tablet here.

With small class sizes, we are able to tailor courses to the needs of high school teachers and university professors. Participants in this program will examine the results of current day research on the acquisition of a second language, and will pay special attention to technology´s effects on this process. We provide participants with creative technological resources to improve teaching methods related to culture and history. At Mester participants receive a complete experience, including conferences, social gatherings and cultural excursions.

Curso Superior para Profesores de Español 

El Uso de Tecnología en el Aula

Enseñar Español a Través del iPad