Study in Salamanca

Immersing yourself in Salamanca, Spain will allow you to learn and speak Spanish with ease! While living in Spain you will learn about the local culture, accent, and language. Each day you will need to rely on Spanish for shopping, ordering at restaurants, meeting locals on your nights out, or grabbing coffee with friends. Practice makes perfect, and here in Salamanca you´ll have countless opportunities!

Historical Significance

DSC00020Salamanca is famous for its incredible architecture and fascinating history. It is home to the oldest university in Spain, where many relevant and groundbreaking writers and intellectuals have studied. Salamanca´s diverse architecture includes monuments and churches with Renaissance, Gothic, Baroque, and Romanesque styles. The two immense and exquisite cathedrals, the iconic Casa de las Conchas, and the mythical University façade are what have made Salamanca an DSC00004UNESCO heritage site.

The golden Villamayor stone illuminates the streets and squares of the old city center and provides a sense of heritage and culture. At the heart of the city lies the impressive Plaza Mayor, always bustling with people and events. Full of personality, history, and charm, Salamanca is the ideal place to study abroad.

Student AtmosphereIMG_1080

Salamanca is an upbeat, modern and dynamic city. The historic university was at the forefront of the Spanish Renaissance, and has a long tradition as a destination for foreign students. In Salamanca you can always find places for music, dance, theater and film. With over 2,000 bars, Salamanca´s famous student nightlife offers variety to visitors from all parts of the world. The University atmosphere provides study abroad students plenty of opportunities to meet peers, join clubs, and make connections. This student city provides a community for study abroad students to learn, grow, and thrive.

IMG_1277The Salamanca Province

• Try Salamanca´s traditional gastronomy and delicacies, which include acorn-fed Spanish Iberian ham, delicious cuts of meat, and fresh fruits and vegetables.
• Visit quaint, medieval villages
• Hike breathtaking mountainous routes in the Sierra de Francia
• Take a relaxing stroll through Salamanca´s extensive woodlands
• Located near Madrid, a metropolitan city.
• Just a few hours from the Portuguese border.

Why don’t you study abroad in Salamanca? It’s a great place to be!